Teacher Application FAQ

If I have taught at the camps for several years, do I still need to fill out an application?
Yes! It helps us stay organized!

If I am only available to do one camp session/week, should I still apply?
Yes! We love getting more folks involved and we understand that folks have busy schedules. Go ahead and apply!

If I’m applying for multiple weeks to teach at GRRR:SE, do I get to work for all of them?
It depends on the needs we have for each camp week. 

If I'm in a different city or state, can I still teach at GRRR:SE?
Because our camp is completely virtual this summer, that is fine as long as you are fully available the hours of camp and have a reliable internet connection!

Can I still teach at a camp if I’m going to be gone one or more days? Can I teach for half days?
Unfortunately, we need folks to commit to the whole camp week, and be available for the whole day. This helps the program run more smoothly.

Will I get paid for teaching at a camp?
Yes! All of our teaching artists and program contractors receive payment for their time at camp. The amount can fluctuate year to year depending on the funding we receive, but it is posted under the job description.

Can I donate a portion of my pay back to She Rock She Rock?
Absolutely! Talk to Allegra about this!

Anymore questions?
Please e-mail allegra@sherocksherock.com