Sing and Sweat Class!

SAS Class is a high energy, low impact aerobic-music class designed to help you find your voice, move your body, gain confidence, stand your ground and SWEAT! In a typical class we will start with deep breathing, vocal and stretching exercises to connect our voice to our body. Then, let the SWEAT begin! Own your stage with an empowering, group sing along while interacting with other SASie’s and moving your body to simple, choreographed moves. SAS Class will end with a cool down song to bring us to your center. Leave SAS class believing more in your inner strength, connecting to the power of your voice, and developing a stronger sense of how your body and your voice are one.

SAS Class will be led by local musician and music instructor, Debra G. Her passion has always been to help people find their voice, gain confidence and stand their ground. DG is pumped to have you join this class, her favorite quote is, “I’ll make you SWEAT!

Upcoming Class Sessions

WHO: Women, trans and nonbinary folks, ages 15+

WHEN: More classes to be announced, stay tuned!!

****Be sure to come to class in clothes you want to SWEAT in. If you want to show up dressed like a rockstar, lead singer, yoga student, in your work clothes, or you want to wear a tu-tu, it’s all good! As long as you’re ok SWEATING in it, let’s have fun and not worry about we look like. Be sure to bring a change of shoes (we can't have wet, salty shoes in the studio) or wear socks.****